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Bamboo cutting boards are an alternative to plastic or glass cutting boards, partially because Bamboo is antimicrobial. A study in 2012 found that bamboo had high antimicrobial activity compared to other woods in the Korean Journal of Food Science. 


This cutting board is a great staple cutting board because of its size and handle. The handle allows this board to be hung up for display or convenience.  Personalized cutting boards are an excellent gift, and they make amazing house warming and wedding presents These stylish board can be personalized to include images, mottos, last names, dates, logos, and more. 


These bamboo cutting boards are oil-finished and food safe. They protect surfaces and help to keep your kitchen clean. 


Bamboo Cutting Board Specifications:

  • Size: 13 1/2"x 7" 
  • Thickness: 1/2"
  • Shape: Paddle Shape
  • Personalization cost included in price 
  • Recommend cutting on the side that is not engraved
  • Despite a cutting board's material, regular maintenance of a cutting board is important. Proper care of a cutting board prolongs the longevity of the material and, to a degree, food safety.


How to Care for Your Cutting Board:

  • Hand-wash only
  • Cutting board should not be immersed for long periods, as the wood or glue may be affected.
  • If the material is regularly exposed to water and not well cleaned, then mold can form. The seams where the wood is joined can buckle as bamboo and wood expands and contracts.

  • Keep material well oiled to maintain a rich color and cutting board's water-repelling properties. 


Bamboo Paddle Shape Cutting Board

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