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Wood Labels

Eye-catching, sustainable, and engraved, and water-resistant, our wood labels are an amazing solution to marketing and organization in an eco-conscious 21st century. 

Every Purchase, we plant a tree
We also make custom wood product labels!

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Why are Wood Labels great?

  • made with real wood that over time, after the wood label's purpose is spent, will break down to real wood

  • this real wood is sustainably sourced and harvested, so not only is it natural, it's a sustainable resource. 

  • ink-free, even if it is soy-based ink, many of those dyes can still be synthetic or take quite a bit of energy to obtain

  • 3M backing on each label is a durable adhesive. They can handle the wear and tear of life. We admit that this adhesive is the least organic part of these labels. 

  • finished with natural wood oil, which keeps them water-resistant and makes them shine. We wanted a product that would do the least amount of harm to the environment but still look great. 

  • back to our roots, much of the county and area that we live in was founded through the advent of the timber industry. We live in the woods, so as we like to say, "it ain't just good, it's wood." 

  • individuals who want to reduce waste, save money, and buy more bulk foods

  • apothecaries

  • restaurants/bakeries

  • craft breweries/tasting rooms/speakeasies

  • natural grocery stores/farmers markets

  • boutiques

  • spas

  • gardeners/farmers/seed banks

  • vacation rentals/Airbnbs

  • honestly, the list of places/individuals that could benefit from wood labels is endless.

Wood labels showcase an array of options with craftsmanship and style. For us personally, wood labels in our kitchen have made the art of cooking more enjoyable. It's made simple items like flour, sugar, and coffee feel more luxurious and special. We were really surprised that it made us feel a deeper sense of gratitude for our food. They saved us money too because we can see what we have in stock, and we love keeping our items organized now. 


Plus, these labels are water-resistant; they can even go in the top shelf of a dishwasher.

How our labels are


We use hemp oil as our wood finish on these labels. Oil is one of the most popular ways to finish wood. The protection delivered by oils isn’t quite as robust and effective as contemporary wood finishing products like varnishes. However, oils tend to illustrate the character and grains of the wood better. Wood oils are made of natural products. They are easy to apply, maintain, and they are usually affordable.


Over time and washing, your sticker will likely dull a bit. No worries, simply add a little dab of wood oil to your labels with a cloth. It will shine them right back up, help them to continue to be water-resistant, and it will keep them from cracking. Any type of natural wood oil will do. Although, if you choose to use linseed oil, then you may want to keep using linseed oil. These labels do better with a lighter viscosity wood oil. This is why we choose hemp oil that is specifically for finishing wood.


Sign up for a Free Wood Label Creation Session with us by sending an e-mail to:

During this consultation, we can discuss the particular font, style, type of wood, and shape you are looking for in wood labels. We are more than happy to collaborate with you in person, via phone, text, over Skype, messenger, or e-mail, to create a wood label that meets your needs and helps the planet. We make small and large batches, just like chocolate chip cookies. 

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Our Product Labels

“Our customers love your product labels. They make our product stand out, and customers never have to worry about the product label smearing.”

— Kara, Owner of Ozoned Organics

Wood Labels are a wonderful choice for:

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