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Most Common Questions about DS Laser Engraving
Services & Wood Stickers

Wood Stickers


Q: Where are these stickers made?

            A: These stickers are made by a local, family business in Mount Shasta, California area. Each sticker is finished by hand. Our packing is marine safe, biodegradable, and printed by a local printing company. Our town was built through the local timber industry, so using wood to create our stickers felt so right.


Q: Why wood?

            A: We were drawn to the idea of using real wood. Plus, after some research, we discovered that creating these stickers involves an efficient and ecologically friendly timber harvesting process.    


Q: What types of wood do the stickers come in?

            A: Currently, our stickers are available in cherry and maple; however, on our website, we make custom stickers, wood business cards, and a variety of other items that are available in many different types of unique wood. If one would like to find out more, then please send us a message at:


Q:  How strong is the adhesive?

            A: Great question! The adhesive on these stickers is quite strong, which makes these stickers excellent for car bumpers, laptops, cell phones, helmets, skateboards, bikes, snowboards, windows, notebooks, and much more. We recommend cleaning the area that you plan to stick the sticker before it is stuck to increase its sticking longevity. These stickers can be removed once stuck on an item, but stickers may experience damage when being removed.    


Q: Are they water-resistant?

            A: They are water-resistant. We finished each sticker by hand with an eco-friendly finish that allows them to last. These stickers can go in the top rack of a dishwasher if placed on glass, a mug, or a water bottle, but its recommended to hand wash.


Q: Can the stickers bend?

            A: These stickers are flexible, and they can wrap around cylindrical objects. They should be bent in the direction of the wood grain; otherwise, they will break.  We recommend sticking these stickers on hard surfaces. You may have noticed that the stickers looked curled up in the packaging. This feature is normal, and once the stickers are stuck to a surface they stay flat.






Who Do You Partner With To Plant Trees?

Laser Engraving Services

Some answers to our frequently asked questions are:

Q: What are the best file types to use for laser engraving?

           A: File types needed are vector files. We can engrave from an image, however to keep the highest resolution a vector file is the best option.


Q: What shapes can you cut? 

           A: We can cut any shape you can think of on a 2D plane. It can be as complicated as you like. Please do remember that cutting a circle within a circle is not an option. 

Q: What can I expect from laser engraving visually speaking?

           A: Think of laser engraving in terms of solid black an white for best results. Black is engraving and white is where the material. We can do gradients, however these generally take far longer which will cost more. In addition the results can vary greatly from design to design, some might be worth the extra time, but many turn out too faded.

Q: Can you add color to the engraving process?

          A: Remember that laser engraving is not printing. The laser is a directed heat source that burns / etches away a layer of material (since it is not printing, it cannot engrave colors – we will add this option soon as we receive requests very often, but not available at the moment). We can change settings to where it burns a deeper layer of material often resulting in a darker engraving or where it burns a more shallow layer. Again, depending on design, one may work better than the other. We will try to post examples illustrating this.

Q: How much do laser engraving services cost?

         A: Price depends on time, the more detail means the longer it will take. The base price is material, where birch and acrylic are readily available at reasonable costs and give relatively consistent results. Bamboo depends on supplier and unfortunately is hard to find from US suppliers (all of our wood comes from local or domestic suppliers). Other woods such as walnut, cherry, maple and a long list of other woods are available upon custom order. To save costs we accept that you ship your choice of wood directly to us. Please contact us before doing this.

Call or E-mail for appointments or questions: 530-710-1843 or 

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