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Business Cards


We offer business cards in a variety of shapes and sizes, which allows you to think outside the box, literally. 


For example, do you own a brewery? We can shape your business cards to look like a frosty pint. Are you a mechanic? Why not have your business card be a spitting image of your favorite car classic. If your business is in the pet industry we can cut it into the shape of an animal.


These are simple examples, what we want to do is to push you to think of the most creative card you can possibly come up with. 

All cards come in a custom made laser cut box with your logo engraved on it (or anything else you would like to engrave on the box) Before we ship we make sure you love the result. We also offer corporate gift boxes as well. 

We plant a tree with each purchase

Want a specific type of wood, we have dozens of wood options to choose from ranging from domestic woods to exotic woods.


Aesthetically, wood business cards not only stand out in a row of other business cards, but they also illustrate quality and even luxury.  

They are great as a gift for a recent college graduate to land the perfect job (trust us, he/she will stand out in any job interview). Walnut for a quality wood working professional.

Natural & Laser Engraved Wood Business Cards

Call or E-mail for appointments: 530-710-1843 or 

Giving Back

Everyday thousands of acres of forest are destroyed every single day. We want our company to make a difference! We strive to unite our customers with the one place we have in common: Planet Earth. With every business card purchase, we plant a tree. 

Cabin by the Lake
More Business Card Options
Business Card Design

Bamboo is a great choice for individuals who run organic or natural companies.


Bamboo business cards can come as standard, two-sided business cards, but we also offer them as stickers. 

These cards provide a nice contrast with the dark marks left from our laser engraver. As an eco-friendly company, we like this choice. It is kind on the eyes and the planet.  


Acrylic business cards stick out. They are tough to destroy, and that sends a message. 

We can engrave various colors of acrylic. You 

are not limited to the conventional 3.5″ x 2″ business card format. In many cases, we do not charge extra for custom cut shapes.

The translucency of this material emphasizes a professional ambiance that signals luxury. 


Metal business cards are sleek and sophisticated. Their thickness and weight make them a solid way to advertise your company, business, and services. 

For example, metal fabrications shops and steel manufactures, and sculpture artist choose metal business cards to represent their industries.

These cards leave a lasting impression.







We have options where we can cut materials for you to assemble or deliver. We also provide finished products to your specifications. Our laser produces high resolution engraving and can cut many materials in any shape up to approximately 1/4″ or 6mm. (some materials such as glass or metal are possible to engrave on but we are not able to cut on our machine, we would need to order pre-cut shapes which generally cost a bit extra).


Minimum Order

Minimum order is 50 Business Cards. Due to frequent requests, we can do single test / sample card, however, we will have to charge a setup fee of $35 (which is free for regular orders and the $35 can be counted towards placing an order if you like the result). If you just want one card as a sample we have to change the setup fee. If you like the card and want to place an order then the set up fee will count towards your order (you will get a $35 discount for the order). We do this as setting up files for laser cutting can be very time consuming and require a number of steps to get a high quality result.

File Vectors

File types needed are vector files. We can engrave from an image, however, to keep the highest resolution a vector file is the best option. If you do not have a file already, then we can create one for you. We do charge a fee for file creation; however, once that file is created, then that image is yours. 

Business Card Pricing and Specifications 

Our Reviews


"DS Laser Engraving wood business cards increased my company's profits by converting sales. Potential clients noticed my unique card that is also a sticker, and several clients said this business card made my company memorable.

These cards are memorable not just because they are wood but also the quality. The jobs I sell are thousands of dollars, and these luxury wood business cards illustrate what I believe my company and its services are worth. 

Have you seen wood business cards before

-Gene Kirby, Owner of Superior Home Improvements

Want custom business cards? Have an idea in mind but need help creating it? Fill out the form below, and we will get back to you soon! Thanks for browsing, and we look forward to hearing from you. 

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