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Pleasure & Power- Let's Talk about Laser Engraving

Our society is interested in increasing pleasure. Thus, what pleasure does one gain from paying for the art of laser engraving? While the answers to the question are positively endless. One could suspect that a customized products are the result of this precise art form and technical wonder. If one were to consider the value of a customized product, then they might note that a customized product has historically been considered an item of inherent worth due to its existence. Whereas, an item of commonplace existence might contain value based on material production.

For example, the jewelry of the aristocracy in many cultures often contained secret compartments where everything from essential oils to poisons were kept. While these functional pieces of jewelry were admired for their hidden compartments, they also were designed to fit a variety of styles and fashions for those who would adorn them.

Laser engraving allows for the creation of functional items, in a wide-variety of materials, to be produced to match any style. In this way, people can not only gain the pleasure of an item that is artistically crafted for that individual's tastes, but these items can also perform. In the Medieval period, door hinges were often made by the local blacksmith. The lords of the land would often ask the blacksmith to make custom hinges for their home, to distinguish their wealth, celebrate art, and it is nice to think that they were also producing a feeling of pleasure for the blacksmith who was presented with an opportunity to be an artist at his craft.

Not only is producing an item made to someone's taste a pleasurable experience for the customer and the laser engraver, but it is also a chance to create an item that helps an individual to obtain more wealth and even power, if one considers how the word "power" is being defined. It would be easy to talk about "power" in the political sense, but looking at the technical definition provides more insight. "Power" is literally considered the rate at which work is done or converted. "Power" is measured by watts. If something has more watts, elementarily speaking, then it would mean that the rate at which work is being done would be faster than something with fewer watts. Or, another way of looking at this is that the rate of conversion is higher. If a person, metaphorically, has more watts, then they would also, essentially, have more power.

If an entrepreneur has a higher conversion in business or a greater output, then they are likely to make greater profits. This is where laser engraving comes in. Whether it be the creation of a specialized tag for a unique product, making marketing materials, or adding directions or instructions for informative purposes, laser engraving is a quick and easy way to move a custom vision forward. I think many people find great pleasure in moving custom visions forward. After all, some might call a custom vision, a dream.


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