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Momentum, Moving, & Laser Engraved Goods

Moving is a unique journey. It asks you to consider if you still need to carry everything you have. It asks you to consider what you will need to grow. It asks you to reconsider patterns and space. If you read our last blog post, then you know that we just completed a move. Well, completed isn't exactly how we feel, yet. We are still very much in the process of understanding where everything will go and getting rid of items that we no longer need.

The momentum that has been built in this move in relation to change has been awesome. It is easy, especially in the middle of the winter, to get cozy on the couch. It is easy to repeat the same patterns; everyone is guilty of it. However, it is so important to stop and question whether or not that pattern is still helping us to grow.

In the middle of this move, I realized that a company or person's need to grow is made that much easier by momentum. What is "momentum?" Well, I won't bore you with a finite definition, but I would say that momentum is enmeshed with change. Even if it is the same movement, such as learning how to throw a baseball, wouldn't the best athlete push themselves to do this with more precision each time?

The same can be said of people, companies, and societies. We push ourselves to grow, adapt, and change to our environments. In other words, we push ourselves to experience and maybe even enjoy the act of gaining momentum. Laser engraved goods are on the rise, and I have no doubt that the momentum of laser engraved goods will continue to flood the market. Why is that you might ask?

Well, the personalization qualities around laser engraved goods give them the advantage of always being customizable to different styles, needs, and thus, environments. The field is brimming with companies who are now producing items specifically meant to be customized and laser engraved. We have customers who ask us to engrave fun and different designs on an array of items; however, many people do not realize that engraving some materials can be toxic, if not deadly.

As the demand for laser engraved goods continues to rise, it is sensible to consider that the amount of companies who are interested in creating materials and products that are safe to laser engrave will rise too, which is momentum. It is a move toward a society of customers who are saying, "I know what I want, and I'm not seeing that option in a secular consumer market. I will just have it designed and made myself."

That type of autonomy is powerful. Not only does it send a message that is unique, but it also sends a message about creating a society that supports this type of autonomy. Imagine what that type of autonomy could do to a voting system or in a movement for free speech and equal rights. The companies, people, and perspectives that will move and shape the future of our world will be driven by new designs, creations, and solutions; it makes sense that they will also want personalized laser engraved products to market, share, and remember the new vision they will use to create a different world.


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