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Laser Engraved Promotional Items

Every business advertises, and laser engraved promotional items are one of the most popular types of laser engraving services that we offer. It is easy to see why! From employees to customers, everyone uses items daily to help them with tasks. Those items can function as free advertisement, and they can also function as a tax break.

Over half of the products that DS Laser Engraving produces involve taking a company's logo and placing it on an item. Any expense connected to this process can become a marketing/advertisement deduction when the business files their yearly taxes. Not only can these products become giveaways from customers, but they can also become gifts for employees.

Most of the time when business owners think about promotional items, they think about giveaways, but we encourage more businesses to consider the benefits of producing items that are meant for their employees.

Here is why!

Whenever an employee is forced to use their own equipment, clothing, or products when working on the job, then the employee is incurring a cost simply by working for the company. This may seem like simple logic, but eventually shirts, water bottles, hats, and electronics will break down with continuous use. Part of the employee's paycheck will likely go toward replacing those items.

Depending upon that employees circumstances those items might be replaced swiftly or they could be replaced once there is no way that employee can continue to use said item successfully. This is important to note because the employee who waits until it is absolutely necessary to replace an item might continue to sport a shirt, water bottle, or charger that essentially look unprofessional or barely do the job of, for example, keeping the employees cell phone charged, which is important for business communications.

When business owners decide to give their employees items that they will need for the job, then they ensure a couple of key aspects in maintaining a successful business.

  1. They make sure the employee has functioning items, which is important for doing a great job!

  2. They are able to provide professional looking items, which helps the company/business to be taken seriously.

  3. They are able to advertise the company and the company's services through these items while on the job or when the employee is out in public.

  4. They allow the employee to spend more of their paycheck on what they actually want and need.

Our most popular laser engraved promotional items are:

  • wood stickers

  • personalized hats

  • wood magnets

  • engraved water bottles

  • customized cellphone chargers

  • insulated beer koozies

  • organic t-shirts

  • vinyl car/truck decals

We have over 1,000 engraved products to choose from, which means no matter the types of business or services provided, we likely have items that will match that professions' brand.

Laser engraved promotional items do not just have to include a logo and name. They can include nicknames, mottos, images, and more. The fun ways to customize a product are infinite. Ask us about our options or get a free quote. You can always send us a message, right here on our website, or you can send us an email at:

If you want to see a portfolio of our work, then check out our Instagram or Facebook pages. Like our pages to receive updates about our services, find out about new products we are carrying, and to be the first to hear about free giveaways.


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