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Engraved Wood Trophies are a Logical, Eco-friendly Option

We are fulfilling more orders, lately, for wood trophies. Many people have never viewed a wood trophy before, but we have a feeling that they will continue to expand into secular culture. And the chances that someone will have viewed a wood trophy before will increase.

Wood trophies are exactly what they sound like, an engraved wood plaque or even stand-up trophy with a base that is entirely made of wood. So far, our main clients who are purchasing wood trophies are those that engage in outdoor sports. It makes logical sense that players or athletes in these sports would be drawn to wood.

It is true that these types of trophies will not be around as long as a shiny plastic trophy, but they will be around for quite awhile. Think about it. What happens with a trophy? Well, in our experience, people put them up somewhere, usually in their home. These trophies might be placed on a mantle, they might even go in a type of display case or glass armoire. Either way, I think it is safe to say that they will be protected by the elements.

Plus, if you are putting on an event, nothing says "remember me" quite like handing out a trophy that is different, a zebra in a land of rhinoceroses. We find that our wood business cards cause people to remember whoever gave one out, which is great for business. Of course, a wood trophy could be great for helping to remind participants about that particular race, tournament, or game; we think you get what we are saying.

This is an especially great choice in a group, organization, or business that makes it a point to advertise that they are eco-friendly or eco-conscious.

Here are a few more interesting facts about wood trophies.

  • These trophies can be made of different types of wood.

  • They can be made out of plywood or solid wood.

  • Because of their wide-range of customization, they can be created in a large range of potential cost options.

  • They can be cut in various sizes and unique shapes. Having an apple pie baking contest? Why not have apple pie wood trophies for the finalists?

  • Our wood trophies are hand-finished with several different types of finish available ranging from durability to environmentally-friendly possibilities.

  • Wood trophies can include color. As of now, we offer color infilling, but we plan to upgrade our equipment soon to offer even more selections that create much more elaborate, intricate, and colorful designs.

Alright, are you sold yet? Well, we are not actually trying to sell to you. Okay, we are a little bit, but mostly, we want you to know this exist. We understand the pride and practice that comes with with winning any award. It is a cornerstone of effort, and it deserves to be commemorated. The more ways that we, as a society, can commemorate hard work in eco-conscious ways, then not only is the world more likely to thrive, but hopefully, our society will be more likely to associate awards with also being kind to the earth.

Oh, and we know there is an inherent fallacy in our argument. Wood production can absolutely be harmful to the earth too, but, for us, we would rather take steps to reduce plastic use to help protect waterways and aquatic life, first.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read our blog. We hope you have an inspiring, eco-conscious, and creative day!


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