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Customized Water Bottles are the Perfect Gift for Everyone!

Water is life! Have you heard this phrase? It is true. Without water, a person can only stay alive for a few days. Yet, more and more information is pouring out of scientific studies that conclude:

  • you need to drink water daily.

  • most people are dehydrated, and they do not realize it

  • if someone is struggling with overeating, then they should drink more water before eating to make sure they are not just dehydrated.

  • a large part of our bodies are made of water.

  • drinking lots of water is good for your skin.

  • children who drink water over soda tend to experience less health problems.

  • having water available often makes people more likely to choose it as a beverage option.

We just began carrying 20 ounce, 32 ounce, and 40 ounce, stainless steel, vacuum-insulated water bottles. The top of the water bottle flips up into a type of straw. They keep your water cold in the hottest of weather. You can easily add a dash of lemon juice to flavor your water, and they are easy to wash. What is not to love?

These water bottles are stellar for children, durable, and easy to carry because each water bottle comes with a lid that contains a handle that naturally fits in one's hand. Now that we have these, we hardly fill up a glass of water anymore. Instead, we carry our water bottles around. We only use our water in our water bottles, but you could use almost any drink in these bottles. They do come with a plastic straw inside.

Of course, we are anti-plastic, but this straw is made of heavy-duty plastic that will likely last for years. We figure this is a much better option than the one-time use straws that many people are now ditching for metal and bamboo options. The plastic straws in these water bottles attach to the inside of the lid.

The straw can get clogged if you use a beverage that has pulp. So, we do use lemon juice rather than squeezing a lemon in there. We just wanted to be real with you. But infusing water with cucumber or mint in the fridge, and then putting it in this water bottle feels luxurious to drink on a long hike or during the heat of a soccer game. Ice tea would work well in here, and while we are pushing for water, you could total drink soda, seltzer, or even your favorite adult beverage.

Just like all of our drinkware, there are a wide array of colors to choose from, and the best part is that any water bottle can be personalized with the graphic of your choice. Adding a child's name to a bottle makes for a water bottle that will not get mixed up with the other kid's water bottles. They are awesome for sports teams, and they are perfect for taking to the office.

Of course, a water bottle is not an item that we often think about as something that will be treated with the utmost care. Instead, they get dropped, tossed, and placed on the ground outside. This can cause dings and scrapes to water bottle's stainless steel bottom.. This is why we offer a silicone boot that goes on the bottom of the water bottle to protect it.

The cool thing about these boots is that they can also be engraved, which allows for even more customization or marketing potential. The boots are dishwasher safe, too! We are an environmentally-conscious company and while we would like to see everyone use a glass water bottle the reality is that it is not always practical. Glass breaks and when people are exploring the outdoors, the last thing they should leave behind is broken glass. When it comes to kids, broken glass can be extremely dangerous.

So, we think these water bottles are an eco-friendly choice because they are reusable. They are fun because they can be customized, and they are awesome because everyone should drink more water. If you love your water bottle, then logic would imply that you are more likely to drink more water.

It is obvious why drinking more water is better for you, so go ahead and treat the people in your life to a water bottle that is personalized for them. 😊 This way they can enjoy taking care of themselves. When we take better care of ourselves, we, inadvertently, make it easier for us to take care of others and the planet.

  • To learn more about our drinkware options, check out our blog post about drinkware

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