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Why Engraved Slate is the Ideal choice for Outdoor Venues

As our laser engraving possibilities expand, we are proud to announce that we now engrave slate items. These items are made with real rock slate, and so far, our slate coasters have been our most popular item.

Our coasters come in a set of four, and you can choose between a square or circle shape. The best part about coasters is that you know they will be of use, which makes them the perfect gift. They are also a wonderful customized accent to a vacation rental, family get-a-way cabin, or guest house. We even have a cousin who used coasters as their "thank you" gift for guests who came to their wedding.

Circle Slate Coaster

We really appreciate the dark grey color that we receive from our slate supplier; it helps the white etching to really pop. Plus, all of our slate pieces come with a protective coating that helps to keep the shine on these organic pieces. We also offer slate signs in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Another component that makes slate an ideal material for one's home is it's weight. It is a heavy and natural material that comes from the earth. As such, it withstands the elements nicely, which makes it an excellent decor item for patios, garages, barns, jacuzzi spaces, and more.

Finally, we like to draw individuals attention to engraved stone. Traditionally, engraved stone has been a mark of sophistication and even wealth. Engraved stone contains a certain refinement, and the ability to customize a piece of stone to fit a space makes that stone and the ambiance it brings that much more luxurious. Engraving stone is no small feat. It takes precision and care. These slate pieces make perfect wedding or anniversary presents, and they function as a sensational but utilitarian signs for directions at a hotel or Airbnb.

We can place customized logos, quotes, sayings, art, photos, or more onto any of our slate offerings. Check out the shop section of our store, and if you have a special design in mind, then send us an e-mail at: We will get your project going! We are happy to offer our professional services to create a quality piece that you will enjoy for decades to come.

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