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1,000+ Items Customized for Your Business: Bulk Order Services From a Family-Owned Engraving Company

Company holiday "thank you" gifts coming up? Need thousands of promotional items for a large conference or marketing event? Does every employee in your company need a mug with the company logo on it? DS Laser Engraving can confidently take on large customized bulk orders (1,000 items or more). With the addition of another laser to our fleet, we can finish up an order even faster, so you can meet deadlines and keep your clients, employees, and brand glowing.

Whether you need mugs, wood stickers, phone chargers, or t-shirts, our team will work with you to make sure that your bulk order is perfect- down to the last detail. We also understand the importance of meeting deadlines, so we guarantee a quick turnaround on all of our customized bulk orders. In fact, many of our satisfied customers have commented how we managed to complete their large orders ahead of schedule!

Bulk customization is most successful when the consumer's needs are kept in mind. A recent article from the Journal of Marketing Research titled Personalizing the Customization Experience: A Matching Theory of Mass Customization Interfaces and Cultural Information Processing explains that the most successful bulk customization strategies are those that change the customization logo, design, product or process to match a consumer's desires.

The team of researchers, including Emanuel de Bellis, Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Institute for Customer Insight located at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, would likely agree that placing a iconic Pacific Northwest graphic, like a pine tree on an item shipped out to people who live in the Pacific Northwest, would fare better with customers, while a graphic like a lighthouse would likely fare better with customers who are receiving a product in Maine. The researchers found the following information to be true in their study.

"A series of large-scale field and experimental studies, conducted with Western and Eastern consumers, shows that matching the interface to consumers' culture-specific processing style enhances the effectiveness of mass customization. Specifically, presenting the same information isolated (by attribute) to Western consumers but contextualized (by alternative) to Eastern consumers increases satisfaction with and likelihood of purchasing the configured product, along with the amount of money spent on the product. These positive consumer responses emerge because of an increase in "interface fluency"—consumers' subjective experience of ease when using the interface. The authors advise firms to personalize the customization experience by employing processing-congruent interfaces across consumer markets."

These simple nuances can make the difference between a product being cherished or tossed, and the memory of the company, business, or person is included in that action. Even better yet, allow the customers to choose or vote for which graphic, design, or logo they like best before beginning a large scale bulk order for increased customer satisfaction. The following order is a perfect example of a company using a graphic to share what they do, while making sure the graphic is appealing and the product is a useful item that the customer will be able to forge a relationship with.

Collaborating with other organizations to produce large bulk orders is also a part of our wheelhouse. We recently teamed up with Cookies and Yogurt in Redding, California, to produce a large custom maple wood cutting board order that totaled to over 1,200 cutting boards. These cutting boards were graced with a selection of Cookies and Yogurt's delicious cookies, and the cutting boards included a pine tree graphic in the bottom right-hand corner. The company that purchased these products is a timber company, and these cutting boards were customer holiday thank you gifts. The cutting boards were wrapped and shipped out via the United States Postal Service to clients throughout the area.

We feel they really nailed this gift because the cookies provided a sweet taste of instant gratification that would appeal to anyone who likes sweets. The cutting board did not have the companies logo on it, but the consumer will remember who sent them the gift. The trees are the perfect emblem of what the company does, which is work with timber.

A cutting board is an item that many people use several times a week, and if the cutting board is well taken care of, then it can last for years. It is likely that every time the consumer uses the cutting board, then they will think of the company, which is a type of priceless marketing. Since the cutting board was loaded with a sugary gift, too, then there will likely be a positive association.

Theses cutting boards are an awesome example of customer customization that really kept the needs of the consumer in mind. The graphic was ascetically pleasing and sent to a demographic that likely lives around evergreen trees. The product was useful, and the cookies were truly a homemade gift. It had all three cornerstones of a well-crafted gift: useful, thoughtful, and customized to taste.

Of course, we offer some hefty discounts when it comes to bulk pricing on large bulk orders of this size, which can make these orders profitable for all parties involved. We can create a graphic for you, if needed. We can also engrave multiple graphics on one item, or we can rotate through several different graphics on different items. There is no need to stick to just one image.

Need a large customized bulk order done? Contact us today for a free consultation! You can also check out some of our previous work on our website or on Instagram. We can't wait to help you with your next project!


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