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Flower of life is a sacred geometry symbol that resonates with the natural symmetry created in nature when life is formed. Many people believe that the flower of life can be used as a tool to help them reflect upon their personal spiritual growth, and it is often associated with spirituality. According to ancient beliefs, creation began with one circle containing all shapes and forms of existence; out from this one single circle came forth another perfect circle in which another circle emerged, creating a pattern that could be repeated infinitely. The flower of life is said to explain how the universe was created and works today: with each piece containing the same information as the whole ā€“ a 3D fractal where everything in nature contains a part of the complete picture.


The flower of life can be found in spaces ranging from manuscripts to temples, and it is a sacred symbol that is part of cultures throughout the world. 


Sticker Description:

- Each sticker/magnet comes in two wood options: maple or cherry. šŸŒ±

-All wood stickers can be made as magnets that work perfectly for the fridge, and these magnets differ in cost from stickers. šŸ§²

- Sticker size options: small (~2"x 2") & large (~4"x 4")--- not all stickers come in every size due to image clarity and shape. ā–Ŗļø ā—¼ļø vā¬›

- Every sticker is laser engraved. šŸ’š

- All stickers are hand-finished with hemp oil to protect sticker from the elements. ā˜ļø ā˜€ļø

- Stickers are equipped with a 3M backing, which is a durable adhesive. For best results, clean surface of the item that sticker will be placed on first (rubbing alcohol works best) šŸ‘

- All stickers are dishwasher safe, although we recommend washing items with a wood sticker on them on the top shelf of the dishwasher. šŸ’§

- These stickers bend with the grain, and they are great for a thermos, cup, and water bottle. ā˜•

- Eco-conscious and sustainable methods drive our company, so each sticker comes in biodegradable packaging made with marine safe cellophane. ā™»ļø

- We mean it when we say wood sticker. Each sticker is made with sustainably-harvested, real wood. šŸŒ 

- Each sticker is one-of-a-kind due to varied and natural wood grain patterns and laser techniques. Just as no two snowflakes are alike, no two stickers are alike. We love crafting a customized piece of art with each new sticker. šŸ˜„ 

- The purchase of each sticker helps support a small, family business from the Mt. Shasta, California area. šŸŒ„


Thank you for looking at our website, products, and vision! šŸ™

Flower of Life

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